N. V. Baker


N. V. Baker blends mystery, suspense and international adventure in stories that explore the human heart.

Readers and reviewers love it. Her debut novel, vanished., has been described as “a moving love story that isn’t at all about the romance” by Readers’ Favorite, “an excellent thriller with plenty of plot twists and turns” by Manhattan Book Review, and “a great read, especially for those who love travel,” according to San Francisco Book Review.

Place fills a key role in her literary suspense as well. According to Manhattan Book Review, “From pre-Taliban Kabul or pre-revolution Iran to modern-day Slovakia, the places shine with detail and accuracy.” Readers’ Favorite notes that she captures “the nuances of the local culture…” and presents an “eye-opening view into the other side of the world.”

The Boy in the Suitcase, her second novel, also has garnered praise for its mix of mystery, suspense, place and character. Readers Favorite calls it “a haunting and beautifully written tale of the friendship… on a most intriguing cruise along the Gulf of Finland,” while Manhattan Book Review recommends it as “a fast-paced crime thriller… rife with tough themes” and compelling characters.

These are the type of stories that N. V. Baker loves to tell.