About N. V. Baker

N. V. Baker, a former political science professor and journalist, has published two novels and three books of non-fiction. She and her husband live in the high desert in New Mexico.

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Afghanistan & Iran Author’s Images,    August – September, 1978

Pear vendors, Kabul
Food stall in Iran

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About her debut novel, vanished., she writes, “In late April 1978, I said goodbye to my family and boarded a plane for Bangkok, Thailand, to begin an overland journey around the world. I carried a tote bag and soft-sided suitcase, a small notebook and an Olympus OM-1 camera with several rolls of slide film. During that 13-month journey, I wrote almost five hundred pages of notes, took more than six hundred slides, and sent dozens of letters. That cache sparked this novel.”

In the desert 50 km outside Kabul
On Kabul's Chahrahi Taurabaz Khan (Chicken Street)