vanished. A Novel

An intrepid young traveler. A treacherous companion. An impossible journey home.

August 1978, and Cassie Robinette arrives in Afghanistan. Burning with curiosity about the world, she has traveled far, chronicling her journey west in long letters to her friend Jack Hunter. Near Kabul’s famous Chicken Street, she meets two other foreigners and travels with them to Heart. A week later, they cross the border into Iran. The next day, Cassie vanishes.

Twenty-nine years later, Jack discovers her old letters, and they rekindle his love as well as a question that has always haunted him: why did Cassie stop writing?

Driven to find her, Jack mines her letters for clues and tracks down people she once knew. But in his worldwide quest for answers, he senses he isn’t the only one on Cassie’s trail. And if he isn’t careful, his search could lead an old enemy straight to his long-lost love.