The Boy in the Suitcase

A lonely woman in transit. A bullied boy with a secret. Can friendship save their lives?

On the cusp of 40, long-time goth Lena takes a Baltic Sea cruise hoping to meet someone who likes her for who she is. An 11-year-old boy considering suicide wasn’t who she had in mind.

Their friendship grows after Lena talks Carter from the ledge, and the boy shares his deepest secret. Then one evening, in her unsuccessful pursuit of an attractive fellow passenger, Lena almost forgets her young friend.

Until he turns up missing.

Ship security labels it a suicide. Lena isn’t convinced. But if the boy didn’t jump, where is he? With mounting dread, she realizes it is up to her alone to solve the mystery. Time is running out and self-doubt creeping in. Lena must discover the truth before the ship reaches its final destination….